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Used in the manufacture of mattress linter and sandwich plants

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Kendo UI

GE286 loW pilE doUblE nEEdlE bar raSChEl MaChinE

Used to produce interior decoration for a car, apparel fabric and fabrics for cushion and blanket etc

oil-soaking cam and connecting bar system, The pile-height is 2-10mm.

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Kendo UI


Used to produce apparel fabric, plush toy, home textile, decoration cloth and other fabrics. Oil-soaking cam and connecting bar system; fixed ground bar; sinker with an eyelet to take unable- closed steel wire; let-off boxes control two rollers for positive let-off motion; pile-height is 5-25mm.

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The plush double needle bar warp knitting machineGE288 plush double needle bar raschel machine

Used for weaving clothing, plush toys, home textile and decorative fabrics.

Oil immersed type cam linkage mechanism, to comb is fixed and can not swing, with ear sinker wearing anti closing steel, sent to respectively control the two roller on the roller box positive let off, cashmere high 5-25mm.

Linter double needle bar warp knitting machineGE286 LOW PILE double needle bar raschel machine

Used in the weaving of automotive interior, clothing, cushion, blanket and decoration fabric.

Oil immersed type cam linkage mechanism, cashmere high 2-10mm.

Single bed net tricot machineGE291 SINGLE needle bar NET FABRIC WARP RNITTING machine

Mainly used for knitting shading, greenhouse cultivation, flower tea and animal and plant breeding, scenic area sunshade etc.. For weaving knot free nets, warp knitting net fabric, chemical fiber mesh cloth, knitted fabric and safety net.

Double needle bar warp knitting machine of plushGE2281 double needle BED LONG PILE WARP KNITTING machine

For various types of polyester, nylon, acrylic fiber filament and low elastic silk, wool, hemp, etc. part of natural silk and rayon and other raw materials. The production of a variety of different width knitted velvet furniture cover cloth and blankets, artificial fur fabric, velvet lining, making toys plush fabric and double flower industry with the fabric .